Officials Council- Rules And Regulations

Wrestling, like all other sports, obeys Rules that constitute the "Rules of the Game" and define its practice, the aim of which is to "pin" the opponent or to win on points.

Frequently modified and always subject to further modification, the Rules set forth herein must be known and accepted by all wrestlers, coaches, referees and leaders.

They call upon those who practise the sport to fight totally and universally, with complete honesty and fair play for the pleasure of the spectators.

International Wrestling Rules Wrestling Rules (March 2016)
International Wrestling Rules Annexure 7 – SAWF Officials Council Rules
pdf-files Beampte Inligting Stuk 2016
International Wrestling Rules SAWF Officiating Council Examination Questionaire – 2016
Regulations for the International Refereeing Body LTDO REELS EN INLIGTING FEBRUARIE 2016
Health Regulations Regulations for the International Refereeing Body
Health Regulations Health Regulations