Drug Free Sport

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport’s core focus is to tackle doping in sport in order to ensure a culture of ethics and fair play within South Africa.

 We’re passionate about sport and we’re passionate about our nation’s sporting heroes setting a good example for the younger generation. Not only would we like our athletes to compete drug-free, but we also want them to be proud to say no to doping.

The Drug-Free Sport Act* gives the Institute authority and jurisdiction to carry out drug testing across all sports codes. By doing so we’re inspiring a drug-free sports culture all South  Africans can be proud of.

The South African Wrestling Federation supports SAIDS and is just as passionate about our wrestling heroes setting a good example to our younger athletes.

It is important that athletes, coaches, team managers and parents understand the risks involved and the consequences of doping, not only to the athlete but to the sport of wrestling as a whole.

Please take the time to read through the 2015 SAIDS Anti Doping Rules and utalise the resources on their website (click here) to ensure that you comply.


International Wrestling Rules SAIDS Anti Doping Rules – 2015
International Wrestling Rules United World Wrestling Anti Doping Rules – 2015
International Wrestling Rules WADA Prohibited List – 2019
International Wrestling Rules WADA Prohibited List Summary – 2019

Therapeutic Use Exemtion

pdf-files TUE Official Procedure 2013
pdf-files Ritalin and Methylphenidate TUE Requirements
pdf-files TUE At a Glance
pdf-files TUE Application Form_Version 5.0
pdf-files Adams TUE Quick Reference Guide


pdf-files Anti-Doping Rules Violations


pdf-files UWW and SAWF Anti-Doping Consent Form