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Mpho Madi selected for the iSR Academy 2016/2017


It’s the 7th of September 2016, , Mpho Madi will be waiting to board her flight to South Korea, Mpho is the only South African wrestler who has been given an opportunity to go and study in South Korea. The academic program that she will be joining aims to provide retired or retiring athletes with the skills experience and advice needed to successfully transition from field of play to field of work.

She is joined in South Korea by Olympic Gold Medalist Sizwe Ndlovu. The pair is the only two South Africans in a group of 30 participants from a total of 10 countries. Mpho will be the only wrestler in attendance. Their classes begin on the 12th of September at the Incheon Global Campus in Incheon South Korea. The course is customized for athletes and comprises of various programs including: a foundation course on sport-related subjects; an intensive language course as well as internships and practical training courses.

During this program participants will all be assisting in the organization of the Winter Olympics in 2018, Mpho is the proud recipient of a scholarship from Lucas O’Ceallachain who is currently the development director at United World Wrestling.

Mpho applied to this course because she believes that she will get a lot of experience that can be use right here in South Africa. She hopes that by the time South Africa hosts the Commonwealth Games that the organizers will make use of people like Mpho who possess the knowledge that she will be gaining in South Korea.

With great expectations Mpho steps off the plain in South Korea ready for the journey that will change her life and hopefully help her change the sport of wrestling for the better.

Article by Shani Bartlett