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New SAWF Executive Elected

 The South African Wrestling Federation made history over the weekend when the final member of their new Executive was selected.  Jeanne-Marie Coetser is the first female VP in the        federation’s history. The 29 year finished high school in 2004 and moved on to the university of Johannesburg where she completed a BCom in economics and econometric, and more recently a  Cumlaude Honours in sports Management. Her involvement in wrestling started at the age of 15; she is still active on the mat as a wrestler as well as a coach.  She has represented SAWF at an  international level since 2007, competing at Continental Championships, All African Championships, Commonwealth Games and Wold Championships.  Jeanne can add various medals at  international level to her name with the silver at the All African Games in 2015 as her pride and joy. She worked herself up as a coach and is currently a provincial instructor at Eastern Gauteng  Wrestling.

 From the start she has been an advocate and ambassador for the sport of wrestling. In her research project; “The status of women’s Olympic wrestling in the context of South Africa”; Jeanne took  another step towards bringing women’s wrestling into the spotlight. She has been a constant advocate for breaking down the stereotypes about women in our sport, and has been working closely  with others in trying to increase the number of female athletes participating in Olympic wrestling.

 Over the years Jeanne has participated in a variety of different sports including Judo; where she received her North West colors and came second at SAs in 1997. She has a green belt in Karate,  came first at SAs in 1997 and between 2005 and 2006 she taught Karate at Nursery schools. In kickboxing she came second at the WAKO world junior championships in 1998 and had achieved a  black belt in kickboxing under the IKF and WAKO at the age of 16. Her participation in the sport of boxing from the age of 12 was also pioneering and brought about a number of first for woman  boxers in South Africa.

 Not only is she the first woman to be elected as the SAWFs Vice President but she is also the first woman to be elected to the executive committee. Jeanne-Marrie is many things; she is an athlete, a coach, a role model, an  advocate for change, but more importantly she is an inspiration to other female athletes. With development as her main portfolio in her new position, she has her work cut out for her, a challenge she welcomes with open arms.

Executive Management 2017-2020

Honorary President – Jannie Taljaard

President – Sakkie Bosse

Vice-President – Charles Villet

Vice-President – Corrie Van Der Walt

Vice-President – Jeanne-Marie Coetser

Secretary-General – Manie van den Berg

Treasurer – Shaun Bartlett

Assistant to the Treasurer and Secretary General – Monine Smith

Chairperson of the Officials’ Council – Willem Giliomee

Chairperson of the Coaches’ Council – Nico Coetzee

Chairperson of the HSS Council – Arnold Germishuizen

Chairperson of the Team Managers’ Council – Michael Luff

Chairperson of the Media and Marketing Committee – Gussie Bartlett


Members of the Officials’ Council 2017-2018

Vice Chairperson – Herman Lourens

Secretary – Gawie de Beer

Additional Member – Elize Grobler

Additional Member – Johan Smith

Additional Member – Danie de Wet

Additional Member – Charles Villet


Members of the Coaches’ Council 2017-2018

Vice Chairperson – Bennie Labuschagne

Secretary – Esta van Zyl

Additional Member – Tubby van den Heever

Additional Member – Gertjie van der Merwe

Additional Member – Reinhard Bosse

Additional Member – Marius Geldenhuys

Additional Member – Markus Dekker

Additional Member – Hansie Kruger


Members of the HSS Council 2017-2018

Vice Chairperson – Makkie van der Merwe

Secretary – Pieter van Blerk

Additional Member – Fred Brewis

Additional Member – Ben Visagie


Members of the Team Mangers’ Council 2017-2018

Vice Chairperson – Hein Els

Secretary – Irene Schutte

Additional Member – Dirk Booysen

Additional Member – Lizzy de Wet

Additional Member – Marcel de Wit

Additional Member – Dalene Sandenbergh


Members of the Admin Council 2017-2018

Vice Chairperson – Gussie Bartlett

Secretary – Lollie van den Berg

Additional Member – Alet Steenberg

Additional Member – Festa de Beer


Legal Advisor to the SAWF

Adv Pieter van der Schyff


Medical Advisor to the SAWF

Dr Francois Visser


Life Long Honorary Members

Johan du Plessis

Callie Calitz

Ronnie van Rooyen

Dirkie Kotze

Sarel Steyn

Sarel Bester

Hennie Westraat

Sarel Smit

Cobus Minnaar