SAWF Announce Covid19 Financial Relief Plan

2020 was a difficult year for our members, it promised to be a successful year for our sport and all indications were that we would show major growth in participation numbers.

However, COVID-19 came around and hit our sport hard. Being a full contact sport all activities were stopped and our members were left frustrated and uncertain as to the future.

In 2020 the SAWF, in cooperation with the Provincial Associations, took a decision not to refund any registration fees already charged in 2020 but that we would pass a 50% discount onto our members in 2021.

The relief will be passed on the following conditions:


1 – The member has to have been registered in 2020;

2 – The member has to have been registered in the same capacity in 2020;

3 – The member needs to renew their membership before 31 March 2021 who were registered in 2020;


At the start of 2021 there was still uncertainty regarding the possibility of activities and tournaments during the year.

The concerns were shared by several Provincial Associations and the SAWF again reviewed the 2021 registration fees and decided to further assist by implementing the following:

1 – All registrations will be invoiced at an initial fee of R60.00 – this is in order to encourage early registration while still keeping the cost low;

2 – It is also mitigating the risk that the wrestling season will once again be cancelled and no participation is possible and members once again forfeit fees;

3 – In the event  that the member is able to participate in a tournament during 2021 then the balance of his/her discounted registration becomes payable;

4 – In the event that the person does not participate in any competitions during 2021 or if they decide not to continue with the sport they will not be charged;

Below is a table of the charges due to the SAWF in 2021 – if you were registered in 2020:                                                  

Below is a table of the charges due to the SAWF in 2021 – if you were not registered in 2020.

If your club or association is not passing the above discounts and concessions onto you please query with them immediately.

It is important to us that the members on the ground receive the full benefit of the covid-19 relief.