SAWF Announce New Member Management System

The SAWF Executive has decided that to continue the process of improving the management and data handling of the Federation the current eTMS system is being expanded to include a member management system, called eMMS, to replace SAMS.

eMMS will also integrate fully with eTMS which will allow seamless management on all levels within the Federation.
The cost of development will be covered by a Department of Sport Grant and the maintenance will be Federation’s responsibility.
As with SAMS the cost of maintenance and further development will be covered by the current registration fees and no additional cost will fall back on any member, club or association.

The software will be the property of the Federation and the necessary SLA has been signed with the developers to ensure continued support, as well as development, into the future.

It is also important to mention that the development is done using open source software which makes it easier to maintain, faster and more cost effective.
All member information will also be hosted on a secure server, behind several firewalls and the site will have a SSL certificate in place and will be access controlled, to ensure the security of member information.

Over the years the management of member information has become more and more cumbersome and we are aiming to centralise much of this information with the new system.

Some of the features that are being developed to make everyone’s tasks easier are:
1. Document depository service for:
a. Copy of ID/Birth Certificates
b. Indemnity forms
c. UWW Anti-Doping form
d. Copy of Passports
e. Underprivileged Member Application Forms
f. “Skoonbriewe” to help manage transfers.
2. Full history, per member of participation locally and internationally
3. Full history of each club’s and association’s management teams including generating address lists etc.
4. Integration with the Tournament Management System – from managing entries to publishing results.
5. Reporting functions to assist with the overall management of the sport.
6. Eventually members will be able to register and manage their own information and entries on-line.

The new system will come on line on the 1st of February 2016.

Over the next few weeks we will be sending out the first training manual, usernames and passwords for each Association and Club Administrator.

We will also set up a support e-mail address and skype account to help everyone through the process.

Please advise club secretaries not to register on SAMS and to await the deployment of the SAWF Member Management System.
Information on entering for the upcoming senior trials will be distributed by the SAWF Secretary General.

Should you have any queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gussie Bartlett
Chairperson Marketing and Media