SAWF Mourn the Death of Eshwin Klaasen




Eshwin started wrestling for Olympians in 2005 while he was still in Primary School.  He lived with his mother and 3 brothers in Fisantekraal.  He was the second eldest son.  When finishing Primary School he moved on to Scottsdene High School.

He had a very successful wrestling career and won many medals.  He also represented South Africa Wrestling on various occasions at International tournaments and won a bronze medal at Africa Championships. 

Today we mourn the loss of Eshwin, but despite the way that he died, we choose to remember the good times.  The great personality that he had,  touched many lives.  He loved to eat and could make a feast out of any meal and that caused that he had to bring down weight on just about every occasion before wrestling.  He would get so despondent, but with the help of his coaches (Sakkie and Reinhard) and his other team members he would carry on.  While he was bringing down weight he would say “Tannie moet asb vir my chocolate mousse koop – ek wil ‘n hele pot opeet”.

The caring way that he took care of Norma on tours will always be remembered. The bond that he had with Marno, Steven, Clinton, Jason, Abongile and Onke, his wrestling brothers was a strong unbreakable bond.

He also leaves behind his little girl, Chloe, 5 years old.  Never will I forget the proud look on his face when he held his little girl for the first time.

Today many hearts are broken for the loss of Eshwin.  For a young life that was stolen. How far does love stretch. What many don’t understand, is that it is not about how good he wrestled, or how many medals he won, it is much more than that. It is the love of a “father and mother” towards a child that was given to you on loan for a period of time. It is the love of team members who became family. It is not what he did that determines that love, but the love for that person, Eshwin,  despite of circumstances.  I asked God “ please don’t let his death be meaningless, please let something good come from this” – God’s answer to me was “Be still my child, and know that I am God”.

So today I come and place all our children together with our hurt on the altar of Grace of Almighty God and I trust Him for the future.

Written with all our love for Eshwin from your wrestling Father and Mother, Sakkie & Wendy Bosse