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The South African Wrestling Federation

The South African Wrestling Federation is a proud member of the United World Wrestling Organisation, and appointed by SASCOC as guardian of all Olympic and Beach Wrestling activities and governance thereof in South Africa.

We play a crucial part as the governing body of all Wrestling activities, promoting and developing the sport and ensuring equality on all levels.

There are Thirteen Provinces affiliated to the South African Wrestling Federation.

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National Championships

The SAWF organise National Championships across various age groups and weight classes, providing a platform for wrestlers to display their talent and compete at a high level.

Regional and Local Tournaments

Beyond National Championships, the SAWF also oversees the organisation of regional and local tournaments. These events are crucial for the development of athletes and for scouting new talent.

Elite Training Programs

The SAWF implements elite training programs aimed at preparing top wrestlers for International competitions, including the Olympic Games, World Championships, and various other International Competitions.

Development Camps

These camps are designed to nurture young talent, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the sport. They often include coaching clinics, technical workshops, and physical conditioning sessions.

Promoting Wrestling

Outreach Programs

The SAWF runs outreach programs to introduce wrestling to a broader audience, targeting schools and community centres to encourage participation in the sport.

Marketing and Sponsorship

To sustain and grow the sport, the SAWF actively seeks out sponsorship opportunities and employs marketing strategies to raise the profile of Wrestling in South Africa.

Challenges and Opportunities

Funding and Resources

Like many sports federations, the SAWF faces challenges related to funding and resources. Securing adequate support is essential for the development of the sport and its athletes.

International Success

Achieving success on the international stage is a key goal for the SAWF, as it raises the profile of South African Wrestling and inspires future generations of wrestlers.

Development and Growth

Grassroots to Elite Pathway

The SAWF is instrumental in creating a clear pathway for wrestlers to progress from grassroots levels to elite competition, ensuring that their wrestling talent is nurtured and developed effectively.

Gender Inclusion and Equality

The federation is also committed to promoting gender inclusion and equality in wrestling, providing equal opportunities for female wrestlers to compete and succeed at all levels of the sport.

Affiliation with United World Wrestling (UWW)

International Representation

As a member of United World Wrestling, the global governing body for the sport of wrestling, the SAWF ensures that South African wrestlers can compete on the world stage.

Compliance with Global Standards

The SAWF adheres to the rules, regulations, and standards set by UWW, ensuring that South African wrestling is in line with international best practices. This includes anti-doping regulations, Coaching, Referees,’ Team Managers and Administrative standards, including all athlete welfare initiatives.